17+ years of AD experience in film and TV

Your choice of 1stAD can make or break a project. It’s not just about our experience, it’s also about what we’re like to have around.

I’m a film and TV 1st Assistant Director with over 17 years’ experience on feature films, TV, dramas, commercials, music videos, and online content.

As your 1stAD I’ll bring a lot more than experience to your set. With my organisational skills, I keep things running to time – without ever sacrificing the atmosphere on set. That’s why people are happy to work with me time and time again.

Experienced 1stAD with exceptional people skills

I’m renowned for running a pleasant and well-informed set whilst bringing projects in on time and on budget.

I’m known for my patience, calm nature, and good humour (yes, even when emotions are running high!) I won’t just keep your project running to time, I’ll make sure everyone goes home feeling respected.

Specialist skills for complex projects

I’m experienced with specialist crew like stunt and fight coordinators, SFX, VFX, motion capture/performance capture, and with various cranes and arms, tracking vehicles, and armourers. Scroll down for the full list of my specialist experience.

How it started…

I studied 16mm film & digital film at the NYFA, and started working as a 3rdAD in 2007, becoming a full-time 1stAD in 2014. Since then, I’ve been constantly hired as a 1stAD on adverts, children’s’ TV shows, independent films and a wide variety of other projects across film, TV and online.

My 1stAD experience

• Health & Safety competent
• Children’s working hours
• Controlled explosions & pyrotechnics
• Stunts & controlled falls from height
• Working at heights
• Weapons & armourers
• Road closures, high speed pursuits / controlled collisions & working on low loaders / car mounts
• Fight simulation & fighting with various weapons, swords, sticks etc
• Choreographers
• Drones, helicopters
• Wire work
• Blood work & prosthetics
• Open water filming, filming on boats, underwater filming
• Various cranes & grip equipment including Techno Cranes, remote heads, Ronin & Steadicam
• Studio filming & location filming

• Extreme locations & working with paramedics
• Large crowds
• Re-enactment of battle scenes & specialised action from Medieval to WW1

I also have extensive experience as an ALM, having worked on WWZ, Fast & Furious 6, T2, Tank Commander & Karen Pirie (ALM and Second Unit 1stAD).